Stihl Elektrische Hakselaar GHE 420


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The STIHL electric chopper GHE 420 is an ultra-powerful model that delivers impeccable results in two important areas. It chops not only hard and branched branches, but also soft plant material, such as leaves and plant remains. Thanks to its powerful motor, it is perfect for frequent use and can handle branches with a thickness of up to 50 mm. The collapsible hopper facilitates the introduction of very large tree and hedge waste. You can feed the soft, manageable waste directly into the soundproof hopper. The two openings of the two-chamber system are equipped with specialized cutting systems. The chopping knives therefore remain sharp for a long time and cut quickly and precisely. The blade mechanism combines wing blades and tearing cams and limits vibrations, even when chopping very large volumes of pruning waste. You can also quickly stop the GHE 420 electric chopper. Simply turn the One Click/One Turn safety switch and the motor stops immediately. Thanks to the transport wheels, you can easily move the chopper to continue your work in all corners of your garden. Just tilt it slightly and pull it to the desired location.


    • Powerful combi-electric garden chopper with 2-chamber system
    • Easy to fill thanks to the separate openings for hard and soft materials
    • With safety switch One Click/One Turn
    • The sound-insulated filling hopper enables low-noise working
    • Comfortable to transport thanks to the chassis


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